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Sören Janstål
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Data Research DPU
Data Research DPU ab
Data Research DPU for Evaluation of Information Technology

Sören Janstål
Sören Janstål


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Clients from the Nordic countries can use the Swedish order form. Kunder frn nordiska lnder br anvnda det svenska bestllningsformulret (lgre pris, pga lgre transportkostnader).

If you are not fully satisfied, return any publication within 8 days and pay nothing.

Prices in USD ($) are for countries outside Scandinavia. Cost for courier mail is included in the prices, if nothing else is listed.

Please, deliver following order (can be submitted directly or print, fill and fax the form):

Evaluation reports from The Bloor Research Group

Business Intelligence through Data Mining, December -98, $700.00
CASE Methods Based Development Tools: An Evaluation and Comparison, March -94, $1,200.00
CAST (Computer Aided Systems Testing) Tools: An Evaluation and Comparison, June -95, $1,200.00
Database: An Evaluation and Comparison, January -98, $1,200.00
Data Warehousing: Tools and Solutions, May -97, $700.00
Distributed Systems Management Tools: An Evaluation and Comparison, April -98, $1,200.00
EIS Tools in the Data Warehouse: An Evaluation and Comparison, May -96, $1,200.00
Enterprise by other means, August -96, $500.00
The Enterprise By Other Means- an NC Survey, October -97, $400.00
Enterprise in Transition, April -97, $500.00
Enterprise Client/Server Development Tools: An Evaluation and Comparison, June -96, $1,200.00
Fast Development Software: An Evaluation and Comparison, May -97, $1,200.00
Internet, Intranet and the Enterprise, August-96, $700.00
Internet Security Issues and Solutions, July -98, $700.00
Parallel Database Technology: An Evaluation and Comparison of Scalable Systems, September -95, $1,200.00
The Realities of Network Computing March -98, $700.00
The Realities of O/S Scalability October -97, $400.00
Testing Tools: CAST for the Millennium and Beyond, July -98, $700.00
Web Based and Client Side Development Tools: an Evaluation & Comparison, July -97, $1,200.00
Year 2000 : A Guide to Software Tools, July -97, $900.00

Evaluation reports from Computer Technology Research Corp.

Advanced Security Strategies:Protecting Today's E-buisness Environment, January -01, $450.00
Client/Server Application Development: Tools and Techniques, December -96, $340.00

Computer Telephony: Integrating Enterprise Communications, November -99, $335.00
Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet, February -00, $340.00
E-commerce: Implementing Global Marketing Strategies, April -99, $340.00
E-commerce Security Strategies: Protecting the Enterprise, August -98, $340.00
E-commerce Success: Building a Global Business Architecture, June -99, $345.00
Enterprise Resource Planning: Integrating Applications and Business Processes across the Enterprise, April -99, $350.00
ERP-The Next Generation: ERP Is Web Enabled for E-business, July -00, $340.00
Implementing Enterprise Portals: Integration Strategies for Intranet, Extranet, and Internet Resources, February -00, $340.00
Implementing Next-generation E-business Strategies, August -99, $350.00
The Information Technology Security Report for the 21st Century: Security HOTT Guide, May -99, $350.00
Internet2: The Future of the Internet and Next-generation Initiatives, February -99, $345.00
Network Security: Developing and Implementing Effective Enterprise Strategies, October -99, $330.00
Reengineering Business for Success in the Internet Age: Business-to-Business E-commerce Strategies, April -00, $345.00
Virtual Private Networks: Achieving Secure Internet Commerce and Enterprisewide Communications, April -99, $345.00
Web Commerce: Developing and Implementing Effective Business Solutions, January -99, $325.00
Web Site Success: Strategies, Benchmarks, and Best Practices, March -99, $450.00
XML: Strategic Analysis of XML for Web Application Development, March -00, $350.00

Evaluation reports from IT Research

Plese, contact us before delievery about the conditions for CD-format.
The Forecasting Report, September -99, $1,800.00
Internet Legacy Connectivity, July -99, $2,100.00
R/3 Platforms: Windows NT vs. the Competition, July -99, $1,800.00

Evaluation reports from Ovum Ltd

Ovum do not publish reports on paper any longer.


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