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Sören Janstål
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Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet

Pages: 145
ISBN: 1-56607-071-9
Published: February 2000

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About the report

CTR's new report, Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet, examines the ongoing development of the wireless voice and data world. The report addresses how wireless devices have improved and discusses the many applications of wireless technology, including remote monitoring services and active management of remote assets. The report also discusses the emerging need for mobility for both enterprise network segments and the mobile worker.

Wireless Technology in the Enterprise

Wireless voice communications and wireless data communications have gathered momentum as the expansion of wireless voice services has taken on a greater subscriber base. The emergence of low-cost, wireless, local loops has enabled providing wireless telephones to subscribers who might otherwise have waited years for telephone access.

New Technology for Mobile Workers

The enterprise network can be easily extended via wireless modems or wireless terminals to support any number of remote users or remote locations. The network hub can be accessed through the public network using cellular digital packet data (CDPD) or advanced mobile phone service (AMPS) analog connectivity.

Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet addresses the speed with which satellite service providers have positioned themselves to support Internet backbone transport. The report discusses the available technologies for mobile workers, including wireless modems, and addresses the additional security measures that must be taken when remote access is granted.

Wireless Technology and the Internet

The growth of Internet-based traffic on wireline networks has exploded and is doubling every three months on primary long-distance connections. The Internet has taken to the air with the launch of the first successful low-Earth orbit (LEO) system and a number of satellite services offering wholesale Internet backbone support.

Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet examines why the Internet has changed how people and businesses communicate and explains how the use of wireless technology to extend the Internet from rooftop to rooftop at 100 megabits per second (Mbps) levels will greatly alter how the Internet is used.

The report explores the new class of solutions that are merging the use of the Internet with wireless access. Some of these solutions include the following:

  • Micro Browsers
  • Rooftop Network Configurations
  • Broadband Point-to-Multicast Distribution Systems
  • Consecutive Point Architecture


CTR's new Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks: Integrating the Internet report examines all aspects of wireless technology, how it is being used in today's computing environments, and what it will mean to the future of the enterprise. The report features in-depth case studies of wireless applications and offers an extensive list of vendors and developers in the wireless arena.

Report contents

Executive Summary

  • Reengineering Retail
  • Architectural Overview
  • Internet Functionality
  • World Wide Web Capabilities
  • Security Parameters
  • Making the Transition
  • Preventing Failure
  • Reengineering Data
  • Reengineering Components
  • Transaction Processing
  • T/P Models
  • Standards
  • Reengineering for the Internet
  • System Implementation
  • Technology Management

Internet History

  • Networks: WANs and LANs
  • Universal Protocols
  • Limitations
  • Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Internet in Europe
  • Commercial Explosion

Internet Architecture

  • Functional Support
  • Platform Choices
  • Java Impact
  • Future Trends

Internet Functions

  • Directories
  • Spam Control
  • Messaging Architectures

The World Wide Web

  • http://www.cls.com/hist.html
  • Protocols
  • Search Capabilities

Security Issues

  • Protocols and Keys
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Firewalls

Migration issues

  • Architectures
  • Pitfalls
  • System Components

Reengineering the System

  • Reengineering Components
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Tools

Transaction Processor Systems

  • Technology Issues
  • Reliability Requirements
  • CORBA versus DCOM
  • DCOM versus EJB


  • XML
  • Web Protocols
  • XML Applications

Reengineering for the Internet

  • Exploiting Technology
  • Web Enablement
  • Training
  • Technology Challenges

Future Trends

  • Hardware
  • Applications
  • Computing Environment

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