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Data Research DPU ab
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Sören Janstål
Sören Janstål

Web Site Success: Strategies, Benchmarks, and Best Practices

Pages: 128
Published: March 1999

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About the report

Defining the success of Web sites varies dramatically by the scope of the site, the customer base, and product offering. As you begin to study successful websites, however, it is clear that there are common denominators that can be applied to achieving success on the Web. The considerations are varied, and complex.

ActivMedia's new report, offered at this special introductory price, explores why the essentials of your business must be defined right down to the basics: who you are, what you do, who the customers are, and how to get where you want to be. The Internet market is growing rapidly and online business success depends entirely on how keen your understanding is of the market you are entering and what you are bringing to it.

Businesses enter the global Internet market to either make a profit or to gain an even larger one. You may well ask: "Exactly when, after an initial investment of $xx, will we see begin to see returns of xx%?" The issue of your expected profitability is key to your incentive. Since sales alone yield returns, sites must perform this function well.

As the report shows, those sites that master selling online will see a more rapid return on their investment. Conversely, for the sites that do not sell successfully, the return is nil. Those sites not designed to provide direct retail income use the Web to strengthen distribution channels and improve coordination to reduce cost of sales.

Regardless of the site design or intention of outcome, creating a Web presence should be for one reason: to positively impact your bottom line. This report will help you explore the inner workings of a successful site so you may cut the learning curve and profit from the Web.

Report contents

Executive Summary

  • What's Next?
  • Revenues Explode
  • Online Business Models -- Complex Yet Rational
  • The Bar is Rising
  • Cyber-success is a Moving Target
  • Following the Dream
  • Groundwork for Setting Up Business Online

Online Market Awareness

  • How to Achieve Success on the Web
  • How Long to Profitability?
  • Investment Levels Reflect Expectations
  • Hits Versus Sales
  • Web Experience Creates New Demands
  • Who Are Your Online Customers?
  • Online Market Demographics
  • Gender, Income and Education
  • Work Responsibilities
  • The 'Net Pervades the Workplace
  • Corporate Benefits Reflect Level of Access
  • Job Growth and the Internet
  • The Future of the Online Market
  • Web Business Strategies for Meeting Customer Needs

Operational Decisions

  • Retail Versus Distribution Versus Manufacturing
  • Small Business Versus Corporate Business

Archetypes of a Web Presence

  • Introducing the Consumer-oriented Web Site (Business-to-Consumer) Archetype
  • Introducing the Business-oriented Web Site (Business-to-Business)Archetype
  • Marketing and Promotional Strategies Used by Online Business

Traditional Versus Online Advertising

  • The Changing Banner
  • The Issue of Revenue
  • Promoting Your Web Site
  • Using Displays Strategically
  • Limitless Online Advertising
  • Intercepts and Pop-ups
  • E-mail Versus Bulk E-mail

Search Engines, Directories, Newlists, and Communities

  • Working the Engines and Directories Actively
  • Submission and Tactics, Keywords, Fields
  • Services and Sources for Search Strategy
  • Directories: General Business Versus Specific Industry
  • Directory References and Resources
  • Co-marketing and Branding

Customer Base and Offline/Online Synergy

  • Offline Customer Relations as a Strategic Advantage
  • Migrating Customers to the Web
  • Influence of Increasing Bandwidth
  • Security and Privacy
  • Personal Privacy and Public Policy
  • Progress and Inevitable Technology Adoption
  • Corporate Privacy

Web Site Design and Development

  • Internal Versus External Design Control
  • Web Site Expansion Paths
  • Change and Site Expectations
  • Beyond Sales and Catalogs
  • Web Style -- Form Follows Function
  • By Business Purpose
  • By Site Design Purposes
  • Waypoint Versus Destination Sites
  • Community Building on Your Site

Benchmarks of Successful Design and Implementation

  • Components of Web Capacity
  • Background Demographics
  • Domains and Businesses Managed Online
  • Dedicated Web Staff
  • Web Site Business Types
  • Products Consumers Want
  • Services Available Online
  • Purposes for Web Site Vary
  • Success Metrics
  • Profitability and Revenues
  • 1997 Full-year Revenue
  • Key Indicators for Profitability
  • Annual Revenue Growth Comparison
  • Primary Business Type
  • Typical Size of Web Site Transactions
  • Web Site Transactions per Month
  • Percent of Revenue from Online Presence Grows with Time
  • How Web Site Orders Are Placed
  • How Web Site Payments Are Received
  • Automated Processing for Payments
  • Automated Processing Upgrade Cycle

Web Site Investment Patterns

  • Frequency of Upgrades
  • 1998 External Budget: Site Upgrades/Development
  • What Web Sites Are Buying
  • Types of Automation Investments
  • Sources of Revenue

Best Practices for Web Site Excellence

  • Roadmap to Best Practice Decisions
  • Personalizing and Humanizing the Web
  • Responsiveness and Personalization
  • Multimedia Brings TV-like Presence to the Web Site
  • Human Contact: Conferencing/Telephony

Networks and Security

  • Security and Customer Confidence
  • Hosting Choices
  • Reasons for Hosting Internally
  • Reasons for Hosting Externally

Site Design and Navigation

  • Web Site Design Tools
  • Specific Sets
  • Site Navigation

Applied E-commerce

  • More Than A Single Definition
  • General E-commerce Systems
  • Specific Catalog Software and Services
  • Specific Payment Processing Software
  • Specific Payment Processing/Commerce Services
  • Mall-Site Hosting Services
  • Automated Data Interchange
  • Methodology

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