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Sören Janstål
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Sören Janstål
Sören Janstål

Bloor Research Group:

EIS Tools in the Data Warehouse: An Evaluation and Comparison


The Data Warehouse market has changed our view of EIS by fitting it into a formal information systems architecture rather than leaving it cast adrift as a by-product of our day-to-day systems. The information systems approach can now be easily described in the context of the data warehouse, and EIS Tools form a large part of that structure. It is for this reason that we have decided to produce a separate EIS tools report.

 The EIS Tools report makes the distinction between Executive and Enterprise systems and briefly describes the main issues surrounding the creation of a data warehouse. It quickly moves onto the needs of high level management within an organisation, in particular the concept of the corporate dashboard, and how the information can be channelled through a wide variety of sources to create a high quality information base that creates a genuine competitive advantage.

 The features that are necessary within an EIS environment are discussed, including the different storage mechanisms, information management techniques and display features. There is a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of EIS tools compared with a standard development tool with EIS libraries and this is then put into context through a detailed evaluation and comparison of the leading EIS products in the market.

Contents of the Report

  • The Market
     Provides an analysis of the major players in the EIS tools market, along with a study of current and future trends.
  • The Issues
     Discusses the technical issues and architectures of the products reviewed in this report and their suitability for a variety of applications.
  • The Products
     Contains detailed critique of 18 products from various vendors, identifying strengths, weaknesses and unique features.
  • Comparisons
     Compares and rates the various products on eight critical metrics.
  • Survey Results
     Presents vital statistics and supplies in-depth product information in a practical table format for detailed analysis and comparison.
  • This report is designed to provide senior development managers with detailed analysis of all the major players in this market. It will serve as an invaluable guide to the reader to help formulate a short list of products for more detailed evaluation. The report will be of particular interest to:
  • Development Managers who require in-depth appreciation of EIS tools.
  • Project team leaders tasked with the evaluation of development environments for Enterprise Information Systems projects.
  • Consultants and Business Managers who need to keep up to date with the advances in this fast moving technology sector.

EIS software Products

The following products are analysed and compared in the report

  •  Acuity/ES - Acuity
  •  Business Objects - Business Objects
  •  Brio Query - Brio Technology
  •  Commander Decision - Comshare
  •  DecisionSuite - Information Ad.
  •  EKS/Empower - Metapraxis
  •  Express EIS - Oracle
  •  FOCUS Six - Information Builders
  •  Forest  Trees - Platinum Tech.
  •  Gentia - Planning Sciences
  •  Holos - Holistic Systems
  •  Hyperion - Hyperion
  •  InPhase - InPhase
  •  Media - Speedware
  •  Pilot Version 5 - Pilot
  •  Powerplay/Impromtu - Cognos
  •  SAS/EIS - SAS
  •  TRACK - TRACK Business Solutions

EIS Tools In the Data Warehouse: An Evaluation and Comparison

     Authors: Richard Stockdale and Andrew Hammett
     Edited by: Jo'Anne Butler
     Length: 425 pages
     Published by: Bloor Research Group
     ISBN: 1-874160-20-1

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