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Bloor Research Group:

The Enterprise By Other Means

The View from the Marketplace - an NC Survey

``90% of end-users are examining, piloting or implementing Network Computing within their organisations. The tide is certainly flowing back towards a host-centric approach."

So finds this Bloor Research/UNICOM survey which assess the levels of interest in thin clients and NC technology. There were 208 responses received from large organisations, 87.5% of which were from within the UK.

 ``The Enterprise by Other Means: The View From The Marketplace - an NC Survey" identifies to end-users the fact that NC take-up is in the early adoption part of its life cycle and moving fast towards the majority phase. This report provides invaluable support for the IT manager championing a shift from the client/server to the centralised approach to computing and not wanting to lose out on the benefits of early adoption.

The findings of the survey include that:
Centralised Administration was ranked a very close second to the cost of ownership as a major benefit of centralisation. Many respondents commented that centralised administration helped IT departments to deliver a far higher quality service to end-users.

Politics of IT control/loss of user autonomy followed by the need for a
better network infrastructure are perceived to be the major obstacles
to the adoption of network computing technology by end-users.

We believe that the compelling cost-of-ownership arguments are
encouraging faster adoption within the cost conscious public sector.
The high take up of Java within the IT industry is more directly related
to Internet applications than PC replacement.

Industry Guru and CEO of Bloor Research Robin Bloor commented:

``This survey has identified a fundamental end-user misconception, 85% of respondents consider their current investment in technology to be an obstacle to change. This should not be the case.  Centralisation can help to prolong the life of existing desktop equipment, rather than demand additional investment."


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