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Sören Janstål
Sören Janstål

E-commerce: Implementing Global Marketing Strategies

ISBN: 1-56607-065-1
Pages: 225
Published: April 1999

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About the report

According to International Data Corp. (IDC), the worldwide market for Internet-related services is expected to explode from $4.5 billion in 1997 to $43.6 billion in 2002. IDC states that this rapid progress is largely a result of the rush to implement e-commerce Web sites. E-commerce is a rapidly growing business platform that promises a truly global marketplace for large and small corporations. A profitable e-commerce strategy requires an investment in specialized tools and a careful analysis of the proposed operations.

E-commerce Business Imperative

CTR's new E-commerce: Implementing Global Marketing Strategies report discusses the changing global marketplace, including the growth of the Internet, intranets, and extranets; business-to-business commerce and business-to-consumer commerce; and the RosettaNet Standards Initiative launched in 1998 to facilitate the development of e-commerce standards.

The report analyzes critical issues related to e-commerce including:

  • Implementing effective customer interaction strategies
  • Achieving privacy and secure transaction processes
  • Designing seamless e-commerce applications

Growth Spanning Many Markets

Although manufacturers once believed that conducting business on the Web would eliminate third parties, intermediaries are entering into the new era of e-commerce, providing competitive third-party services by reducing costs and increasing operating efficiencies. E-commerce: Implementing Global Marketing Strategies examines the emerging role of e-commerce intermediaries such as electronic clearinghouses, transaction brokers, and virtual trading communities.

Imagine consulting with your doctor, lawyer, or accountant through a Web site. Many industries have moved or are currently moving to the Internet, augmenting the cyber community. These online arenas include financial services, electronic stock markets, entertainment, travel, automotive, and professional services.

As security improves and consumers are less wary of sending confidential information across the Web, the market for online retailing and business-to-consumer e-commerce will expand. This segment is rapidly growing from a small base when compared to traditional retail markets. Analysts estimate that e-commerce revenues will reach hundreds of billions of dollars by 2002; the consumer segment is expected to comprise 10% of the total revenue.

Globalization and Customer Appeal

Successful e-commerce must involve more than a successful business transaction. To achieve long-term success, a company must strive for other elements: superior customer service, customization of products and services, interactivity, and maximum buying convenience.

Business culture is another factor critical to success. The Web facilitates global communication and business, but different cultures have distinct business customs. How well a corporation understands and respects a user's business culture can determine whether future business transactions are conducted. In addition, privacy issues vary from one country to the next -- laws prohibit a U.S. company from requesting personal information from a European user, for example.


E-commerce: Implementing Global Marketing Strategies reviews the basics of e-commerce operations and provides IT managers with the background to establish a business case for e-commerce in their own organizations.

The report discusses the factors that influence those decisions: products and services suitability, corporate culture, training, and maintenance capabilities. It provides an analysis of electronic tools and services that are being introduced to facilitate the development of e-commerce. In addition, the report highlights more than 15 major business segments within which e-commerce have been implemented with success.

Report contents

E-commerce Business Imperative

  • The Global Marketplace
  • Growth of the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets
  • Trend Toward Supply Chain Integration
  • Exploding Web Demographics
  • Virtual Corporation Concepts Growth
  • Business-to-Business Commerce
  • Business-to-Consumer Commerce
  • The E-commerce Benchmark Web Site
  • The RosettaNet Standards Initiative

E-commerce Basics

  • E-commerce Features
  • E-commerce Software
  • Catalog-based Purchasing
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Web-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Transaction Methods
  • Digital Money Concepts
  • Security Approaches in E-commerce
  • Legal Issues

E-commerce Benefits

  • Expanded Sales Universe
  • Additional Sales Channel
  • More Targeted Marketing
  • Reduced Cost of Sales
  • Shorter Purchasing Cycles
  • Communities of Interest
  • Pricing Alternatives

E-commerce Issues

  • Invisibility of Customers
  • Lack of Accessibility to Customers
  • Low Rate of Closing Web Sales
  • Security Transactions
  • Privacy Issues
  • Payment Processing
  • Bookkeeping Problems
  • Lack of Standards
  • Congestion
  • Network Quality Issues
  • Business Culture Conflicts

E-commerce Marketing Strategies

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Customization of Products and Services
  • Maximized Buying Convenience
  • Giveaway Programs
  • Free Trial Periods
  • Interactivity

E-commerce Communities

  • Knowledge Audits
  • Online Directories
  • Focused Discussion Groups
  • Customer Profile Databanks
  • Information Sharing

E-commerce Services

  • Multichannel Marketing Strategies
  • Use of Intelligent Agents
  • E-commerce Marketing Managers
  • EDI over the Internet

E-commerce Intermediaries

  • Electronic Clearinghouses
  • Marketplace Concentrators
  • Virtual Trading Communities
  • Information Brokers
  • Transaction Brokers
  • Multimedia Content Delivery
  • Online Software Resellers

Online Advertising

  • Digital Marketing Issues
  • Online Demographics
  • Online Communities
  • Push Technologies
  • Webcasting

Financial Services Online

  • Internet Banking
  • Insurance Online
  • Mortgage Services
  • Stockbrokers
  • Online Trading
  • Financial Services Software Tools
  • Specialized Software Tools

Electronic Stock Markets

  • Global Reach and Integration
  • Round the Clock Trading
  • Trading Floors Go Out of Style
  • Disappearance of Intermediaries
  • Online Brokers (12 Major Operations)
  • Regulatory Climate
  • The Reliability Issue
  • Online Initial Public Offering (IPO) Auctions
  • Toward Personalized Stockmarkets
  • Online Stockmarket Examples

Software and Hardware Products

  • Most Suitable Online Products
  • New Software
  • Software Upgrading
  • Customer Support Services

Business Purchasing Online

  • The Extranet Solution
  • Equipment
  • Durable Goods
  • Instruments
  • Wholesaling

Professional Services Online

  • Online Issues with Professional Services
  • Doctors
  • Telemedicine
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Experts
  • Agents

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