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Ovum Evaluates: Document Management

by Rory Staunton, Jean-Francois Tougard, John Richardson and Philip Carnelley


The latest in Ovum’s best-selling series of reports shows you how to:

  • organise, control and exploit this critical corporate resource
  • understand the new generation of document management systems
  • assess and compare the leading products
  • implement document management which complements your strategic systems from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Netscape ...
  • use document management systems to deliver Web and intranet solutions

"Very readable, Ovum Evaluates: Document Management draws all the key issues together well, concepts well developed. Mercifully free of the heavy jargon of some other analyst reports. All in all ... I give the report 10 out of 10".
Janice Carey, Consultant, Aspect Computing Pty Ltd

Your company’s answer to effective document management

The management and control of business documents is critical to your company’s success. Document management software systems offer an exciting range of possibilities for organising, controlling and exploiting your documents. Use Ovum’s new report, Ovum Evaluates: Document Management, to understand how you can realise the benefits and select the product best suited to your company's needs.

You need more than a file system

Documents are a vital part of any organisational process, and most documents in business today are created and stored electronically. But conventional IT infrastructures provide poor support for using electronic documents effectively. The benefits of digital documents cannot be fully realised with the support you get from a standard file system. Electronic documents can be:

  • difficult to find and share
  • hard to organise
  • impossible to keep under control.

In addition, the rapid deployment and growth of Web and intranet sites has multiplied these problems dramatically for many companies.

Document management (DM) systems provide essential support by delivering controlled, location-transparent and format-independent access to documents. Key functions that DM systems provide include search and conversion facilities, access without worry over where files are kept, and version tracking and audit trails of document changes.

Ovum’s 400-page report, Ovum Evaluates: Document Management, explains what DM systems are and how they can improve your company’s operation. The leading products are evaluated in depth, enabling you to compare the offerings and match their capabilities to your company’s particular needs.

Save yourself weeks of time and major expense on product research and avoid the potential nightmare of deploying the wrong document management system.

Your key questions answered

Q1. How can I make paper and electronic DM systems work together?

Q2. What will Microsoft do about DM and do I really need to buy additional products?

Q3. Which network architecture is most appropriate for my organisation’s document management system – email-based, client-server or browser-based?

Q4. Are these products suitable for Internet document management?

Q5. How big is the market and how will it develop over the next 5 years?

Q6. By what criteria should I evaluate and select potential suppliers?

Q7. Who are the principal vendors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

If you are selecting your DM system...

Ovum Evaluates: Document Management

The service not only maps out your future DM strategy, but helps you choose the right document management product for your company. The report explains the strategic issues behind effective document management in the first part, the Strategic Planning Guide, followed by in-depth and independent Product Evaluations, and Market and Technology Guides.

Strategic Planning Guide

Understand what DM is, how DM systems can help your company and what strategic issues must be considered before choosing your system. You will discover how document management can improve your daily business processes and be shown the correct route to exploit the huge benefits. This 130-page guide arms you with the arguments for investing in a suitable DM system and helps you to avoid unforeseen problems.

Market and Technology Guides

Assess the winners and losers in the DM market, today and tomorrow, with detailed market analysis and forecast data over the next 5 years. Ensure you choose the right product at the right time, and avoid future developments making your decisions obsolete.

Product Evaluations

Document management software is a rapidly changing market . . . constantly revised products, new entrants surfacing, and a stream of unique user problems to be dealt with. However, one thing never changes – the 'optimism' of vendor promises when selling you a new document management product. In selecting a new system, you can be committing your organisation to an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. By simply relying on vendor hype and your own resources for the selection process, you are placing that whole investment at risk. Doesn't it make more sense to get rid of this risk by investing in an independent verdict from experienced researchers before you select a document management system? Get it right first time with the report’s Product Evaluations.

During 1998, the experienced evaluation team from Ovum and Strategy Partners visited 9 vendors of leading document management systems. Their products will be scrutinised exhaustively and their product promises analysed and validated. Our independent evaluations are based on business-oriented criteria specifically developed to help you compare and contrast their most important attributes, so you can select the right product for your company quickly.

The report evaluates 9 leading document management products from the following vendors:

Eastman Software
Information Dimensions
IntraNet Solutions
Open Text
Siemens Nixdorf


A Management summary
Document management and its use
Complementary technologies
Choosing and justifying a document management system
Product evaluation - the ten dimensions

B Document management at the heart of your information systems
Document management: business function and supporting technology
The definition of a document is the key to understanding document management systems
The core services provided by a DM system
Product architectures
Overcoming the limitations of electronic documents
Document management - its place in the IT universe
Other approaches to document management

C Why document management?
Benefiting from document management
The benefits of document management
Business metrics
Problems with previous approaches

D Applications of document management
Infrastructure versus project applications
Cross-industry applications
Vertical market applications

E How DM systems work
The repository
Controlling documents
Finding documents
Managing work on documents
Publishing documents
Internationalisation (globalisation)

F Choosing your document management system
Lifecycle issues - the process in overview
Lifecycle approach
DM process implementation and issues
Notes on the partner selection process
Product selection process in outline
Bid selection techniques
Implementation issues
IT philosophy and platform issues

G Document management standards
The role of standards in document management
Document access and control standards
Document content standards

H Guide to evaluating document management products
Architecture and positioning
Platform support
DM application development
Workflow capabilities and interfaces
Integration with packaged and line-of-business applications
Administration and security
Document library services functionality
Document publishing and output capability
Scalability, packaging and pricing

I Directory
AIS Angewandte Informationssysteme
Chrystal Software
Eastman Software
EZPower Systems - subsidiary of Docucorp International
Feith Systems and Software
FileNet Corporation
FrontOffice Technologies
Hyland Software
Hyperwave Information Management
Information Dimensions Inc (IDI) - subsidiary of Open Text
IntraNet Solutions
Lava Systems
Lotus Development - a subsidiary of IBM Corporation
NetRight Technologies
NovaSoft Systems
Open Text
SiDoc - a subsidiary of Siemens Nixdorf
Teamware - a subsidiary of Fujitsu
Texcel International
Tower Technology
Uniplex Software

Notes for readers

Ovum Evaluates: Document Management is essential reading for:

Business and technical strategists
who need to understand the role that document management can play in their company's infrastructure, and who require unbiased advice on product selection, including the new breed of Internet-related products

CIOs and MIS managers
who need a high level overview of the capabilities, limitations and future of the technology

Project managers
who need expert, independent advice on how to implement a document management system

Vendors of document management systems
who need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the leading products

Systems integrators and consultants
who need to understand how their clients can benefit from document management, and which products best fit their customer's needs.

"I was extremely pleased with Ovum's report on Document Management".
Joe Marshall, Information Management Specialist, Atomic Energy Canada

A sound investment - recognised world-wide

Hundreds of companies world-wide purchased the last edition of Ovum Evaluates: Document Management. They all recognised the benefits of investing in Ovum's expert research and insightful product evaluations before committing their company to an expensive document management system. This is just a small sample of these sound decision-makers:

User companies
* Asea Brown Boveri * Barclays Bank * British Airways * British Steel * Cathay Pacific * Council of Europe * Deutsche Bank * DHL Systems * Ericsson Telecom * Ladbroke Racing * Nestle * Rhone-Poulenc Rorer * Shell * Short Brothers * Sun Life Assurance Society * Swiss Life * The Greenalls Group * Thomas Cook * Union Bank of Switzerland * Zeneca Agrochemicals * Zurich Insurance

Vendors, consultants and systems integrators
* Arthur Andersen * Cimage Enterprise Systems * Documentum * Ernst & Young * FileNet Corporation * Fujitsu * Fulcrum Technologies * Hewlett-Packard * Hitachi * IBM Corporation * ICL Personal Systems * Origin * PC DOCS * Praxis * SAP

Shouldn't you be counted among them?

Some real-life problems this report helps to solve:

A last-minute change to a product specification is not reflected in the safety instructions. Millions of shipments have to be recalled.

A law firm creates more than a million documents a year, each of which is, in its own way, highly confidential. How does it organise documents so that only the right people can view and modify them, but everyone can find what they need in under a second?*

A fax from the Health Department warning of the dangers of giving Gulf War troops a mixture of anthrax and whooping cough vaccines was sent to defence officials in 1990 but not discovered by ministers until May this year..the Armed Forces Minister...said that the Health Department document gave a warning that mice given both vaccines ... had suffered "serious loss of condition and weight".

These are common and potentially ruinous experiences.
Use Ovum Evaluates: Document Management to help you understand how Document Management can solve similar problems for your company and select the right system for your particular needs.

Strategy Partners International

Strategy Partners is a research consultancy which provides specialist advice and assistance in the development, marketing and use of document management products and services. Strategy Partners provides a combination of market research, industry analysis and strategic marketing advice, from offices in London, Munich and Paris.

About the authors

Rory Staunton is co-founder of Strategy Partners International. He has extensive experience in providing advisory services to major European and American companies on the exploitation of document technologies. Previously at GartnerGroup, Rory was responsible for establishing its Integrated Document and Output Management service in Europe. Formerly, Rory was Information Systems Manager at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). He is a member of AIIM and a Board Member of IMC.

For Strategy Partners International, Jean-François Tougard specialises in French-speaking markets. Jean-François set up the French subsidiary of Saros Corporation and his career includes senior positions with Burroughs and 3Com. He is a member of AIIM and participates in the Document Management Alliance (DMA). He is an associate member of APROGED.

John Richardson is the Consultancy Director for Strategy Partners. John has nearly 20 years' experience in the IT industry. He was responsible for some of the earliest and most successful document imaging systems installed in the UK, and also helped to install many major systems in the banking, insurance, legal and property markets. In 1993, John won an IMC award for his contributions to document-based information systems education. In 1996, he was elected a Fellow of IMC.


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