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Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools

by Neil Ward-Dutton

To build successful applications for your intranet or the Internet, you need to get three things right:

Your Tool
Your Approach
Your Timing

Make sure of all three with Ovum's new report - and reduce the risks

492 pages

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Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools is the definitive guide to choosing the right tool and strategy for building Web applications. In this fast evolving area, Ovum's report assesses the risks and enables you to:

1. judge when or if you should move applications to the Web or corporate intranet

2. choose the most suitable approach to development

3. select the right tool.

Web development: Developing or modifying business applications to run over a corporate intranet or the Internet, accessed by users via a standard Web browser.

How to build integrated Web applications

Client-server has not lived up to its promise. But will the Web and intranet be any better as a platform for business critical applications? The Web development tools market is immature, with many different methods and approaches on offer, and several conflicting standards.

Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools explains the situation clearly. The report analyses a range of tools for building integrated Web applications. It develops a reference model to compare tools for building business applications, evaluates how key tools perform, and provides a coherent framework to support your own evaluations of new tools.

The Web is very different from client-server architectures. A good tool should take care of detailed deployment issues, allowing you to concentrate on solving business problems. Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools focuses on the special needs of Web development, as well as assessing more traditional tool requirements such as support for development teams.

Four key features of this report

1 Incisive

Vendors claim that the scalability and deployment problems of client-server will be eliminated on the Web. They also promise that your company will become leaner and more responsive to change as a result. Ovum's independent report helps you assess these claims and decide whether the technology is suitable for your organisation - or whether you should wait.

2 Comprehensive

Other reports have only focused on a narrow segment of the Web development tools market. Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools critically assesses a wide cross-section of the approaches available today, and explains the strengths and weaknesses of each.

3 Easy-to-use

Each tool evaluation features an 'at a glance' summary backed up by a detailed and consistent scorecard of performance against explicit criteria - so you can find the information you need quickly.

4 Practical

New vendors are entering the market every month. Using the clear framework provided, you can carry out your own evaluations of new tools, and compare them directly to other evaluations.

What you will gain from this report

Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools offers you invaluable and clear advice on this fast moving area of application development. It saves you time and money selecting the right strategy and tool. The report gives you valuable insight into:

· why vendors' approaches are radically different - and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach

· the risks of Web development - so you can plan accordingly

· how moving applications to the Internet or your intranet can make your organisation more efficient

· the current status of Web development tools

· the functionality required to support integrated application development - and how representative tools meet these needs

· the direction of this fast-moving tools market - and what it means for your application development strategy.

Ovum Evaluates: Web Development Tools is the product of a continuous research pragramme into application development tools, techniques and processes. Ovum has evaluated hundreds of tools over the years, including many more tools that can help you build Web Applications. Please call us if you need information not listed here

Who will benefit from this report?

IT managers and strategists who need to assess whether they should develop business applications for the Web, and if so, when and how to do it

Software developers who need to identify the right tool for their projects

Business managers who need to understand how the Web can make their business processes simpler and more efficient

Application development tool vendors who need to identify opportunities for partnership or assess competing products

Consultants and systems integrators who need to advise their clients on the variety of different approaches to intranet and WWW development



A - Management summary

B - Evolution and revolution: rewards for Web developers
Client-server is not the only solution
How the Web offers benefits
Specific rewards and risks for Web developers

C - Web architectures for business applications
The baseline Web architecture
How the Web is evolving
Standards - Java and CORBA, ActiveX and DCOM

D - Understanding approaches to Web development
Key requirements for a Web development tool
Development approaches, their benefits and drawbacks
Deployment options
Vendor background and approaches

E - Summary of evaluations

F - Guide to evaluations

G - Evaluations

key points, verdict, vendor strategy, development paradigm
Application adaptability
Deployment flexibility and power
Change-cycle support
Server platform compatibility
Database compatibility
Specification tools
Optimisation strategies
Openness and extensibility
Company background.


Apple - WebObjects Bluestone Software - Sapphire/Web Borland - JBuilder
NetDynamics - NetDynamics Studio Progress Software - WebSpeed Prolifics - Prolifics
Recital - Kaleidoscope Symantec - Visual Café Pro Visix - Vibe Enterprise

H - Directory of other products
Brief details of eight other Web development tools vendors - Netscape, Oracle, IBM, Vision Software, Passport Corp, Sybase, Intelligent Environments, Microsoft.

J - Glossary

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